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All These Little Things In Life...

...they all create this haze...

23 September
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I'm currently studying on the pre-med track. I'm doing the MA to RN to MD route. I know a LOT about medicine, especially the area of pregnancy and childbirth. It's my passion in life. I have high hopes of reforming the obstetrics field once I get there. I have a very open mind when it comes to this field and my philosophy is a mother's instinct is never wrong. I believe what works for you and your child is what should be practiced whether it is formula or breastfeeding, attachment parenting, cosleeping, crying it out. I DON'T, however, believe in corporal punishment for children.

I don't believe in all vaccinations for children and I strongly desire to homeschool my own. I'm open to everyone else's beliefs as well and don't necessarily think my own opinions are right nor wrong. I believe the number one most important factor in raising a beautiful child is LOVE. Our children are the future, they can change this upside down world with the right tools and I believe those include honesty, loyalty, faith and morality. I don't believe in divorce, I know sometimes it's unavoidable and it takes a lot of work to make a marriage work, but for that reaseon I know when I marry it will be forever. I have the most wonderful boyfriend in the world and am finally warming up to all the things I said I'd never want. I have never been so excited about forever.

I have a serious girly side. I love fashion, makeup, interior decorating, and I have an obsession with making things beautiful. I enjoy artsy craftsy projects and I LOVE LOVE LOVE to cook, especially bake. I'm just learning how to cook and Rachael Ray is gonna save my butt as a domesticated housewife *lol*

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